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Tampa Trusts Morgan Exteriors for Siding

Morgan Exteriors has proven time and again that it’s not only the siding material that matters but the way it’s installed, too. In this brief Q & A, reps from the expert siding contractor reveal the secret to a successful siding installation.

Q: What are the benefits of siding?

Morgan Exteriors: There are few upgrades that improve a home’s appearance and interior comfort more dramatically than professionally-installed insulated siding. And, homeowners tired of repainting every few years will benefit from quality siding, which doesn’t require constant hands-on care.

Q: How is siding installed?

Morgan Exteriors: Many contractors lack the experience or professional desire to install siding properly. To ensure the tightest fit possible, siding must be mounted directly to the exterior studs of the home. Siding that is simply tacked into the exterior wall is much less secure and can blow off much easier in strong winds. Our professional installers take the time to map out the wall studs and hand nail everything, performing visual inspections throughout the process.

Q: How long does siding last?

Morgan Exteriors: We offer a lifetime warranty on labor and materials. We can do that since each job is performed by a skilled Morgan Exteriors employee. We do not trust our client’s homes to day laborers or temporary workers. Since we deal primarily with windows, doors, and siding, our crews are experts that know how to get a job done right, the first time.

Q: What types of siding are available?

Morgan Exteriors: We proudly offer Variform siding products. Morgan Exteriors offers ample options to allow each homeowner to showcase his or her personal style and bring out the best in their home. Features such as insulated molded foam and deep panel projection help lower energy bills while enhancing curb appeal. Siding is an excellent value and a true all-weather exterior.