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Morgan Exteriors Shares Easy Outdoor Updates

Many homeowners believe that outdoor projects are too expensive and choose to focus on the interior of their homes. Unfortunately, a tired outside can reduce property values and decrease a one’s desire to spend time outside in the sunshine.

Read on as Morgan Exteriors shares a few tips on how to freshen up your home’s exterior without busting budget boundaries.

Clear the clutter

According to the home design experts at Morgan Exteriors, a home’s curb appeal is heavily influenced by simple maintenance projects. Things like scattered toys, overrun garden patches, and broken flower pots can make even a well-kept home look neglected. Take a few hours to fix up minor imperfections and put everything back in its place; the difference may be remarkable.

Liven up the landscape

Landscape projects don’t have to put a dent in a home improvement budget. The team at Morgan Exteriors notes that pulling weeds and trimming bushes costs nothing and can instantly transform the look of a derelict lawn. For a dramatic change without calling in professional landscapers, top off mulch and paint a few accents such as the mailbox, house number, and shutters. Pick classic colors if your home is slated to go on the market anytime soon. Morgan Exteriors suggests black, blue, tan, or white.

Consider siding

When a home’s appearance is in such bad shape that drastic measures are needed, consider replacement siding. Siding products by Morgan Exteriors will last a lifetime and add value beyond beauty. Today’s siding materials are stronger than ever and insulated to help lower energy costs and keep a home comfortable year round. Since siding is virtually maintenance-free, there is no need to repaint every few years, saving you both time and money.

Accentuate the accoutrements

Like a soldier’s brass buttons or a fancy set of pearls, a home’s doorknobs, hand rails, and other finishing touches complete its look. Morgan Exteriors explains that swapping dated hardware for clean, modern pieces is another easy home makeover that doesn’t require a degree in design.