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Window Shopping with Morgan Exteriors

One of the most popular home remodeling projects is new windows. Here, experts with Tampa’s most trusted window installation company, Morgan Exteriors, offer advice on shopping for new windows.

Q: Are all replacement windows the same?

Morgan Exteriors: There are many different types of windows available. It is up to the homeowner to decide which is right for his or her specific needs, wants, and budget. Windows run the gamut in quality and price, ranging from basic white vinyl to custom designed wood panes. There are windows built specifically for homes along coastal areas and windows configured with argon (or other gases) to help a homeowner save on heating and cooling costs.

Q: What is the best type of window–wood or vinyl?

Morgan Exteriors: Wood, vinyl, aluminum clad, and fiberglass are all popular window types. Each comes with its own set of benefits. For instance, vinyl windows require less maintenance and won’t rot, chip, crack, or warp like their wooden counterparts.

Q: Can I match my new windows to my home’s current style?

Morgan Exteriors: Absolutely, that’s half the fun of choosing new windows! Our catalog of windows may be custom ordered to blend seamlessly with your home’s colors and architectural style. For homeowners replacing just a few windows, we can help match those already in place to maintain a consistent look throughout the exterior of your home. We have the products to fulfill your needs, on your time, and within your budget.

Q: Does Morgan Exteriors offer a warranty on your products?

Morgan Exteriors:  Of course we do, that’s part of why we have been ranked the #1 Home Improvement Company in Tampa for the last 20 years. Since we are selective about the products we install and the people who install them, we offer a lifetime warranty on both products and labor.